"I love being able to help people give gorgeous old pieces of furniture or vintage homewares a new lease of life, and styling them into homes is second nature to me."

Nothing feels as good as finding that gorgeous one-off piece that will make your interior pop. And it feels even better when you know you’re being kind to the environment, too. In a world of overconsumption, let’s be rebellious and say no to fast furniture and non-stop trends. There is another more eco-conscious way – without compromising on style.

That's where I come in. I'm Amy Eld, owner of Rock the Heirloom. Rock the Heirloom is a true reflection of my own style, and sells a carefully curated selection of sustainable, quirky and unique pieces that will make you smile.

I’m dedicated to trawling for hours on eBay and getting up at the crack of dawn to go to markets to uncover the best sustainable antiques and vintage furniture – so you don’t have to.

There’s a whole treasure trove of preloved pieces out there, and you can mix them up with whatever you have in your home to create a relaxed, unorthodox and uniquely stylish look. Not only are you saving beautifully made, timeless items from landfill, you’re giving them a new lease of life. You’re enriching your space with a sense of history and individuality, making sustainability a stylish statement.

Join us on our sustainable journey as we strive for a mindful shopping experience, where styling your cherished home is done with the planet in mind.

Why Antiques Rock

Antiques are in my blood! My antique dealer grandparents dragged me round antique fairs every weekend, and a passion and respect for beautiful things seeped into my veins. Wherever I find myself, I'm drawn to what's out of the ordinary - sustainable antiques and vintage furniture that have enjoyed a past life and are ready to be loved by someone else.

I've always had an eye for rearranging furniture to create new offbeat looks, happily pairing a quirky 1950s Italian genie bottle with a Victorian desk and a retro telephone for that eclectic feel. I have often found that friends who have inherited antique items but with no idea how to use them in their homes, have come to me for advice on how to make their antiques look cool, blending them into their interiors alongside more trendy, modern pieces.

When my passion for old furniture and vintage objets d'art grew out of control (my husband had to ban me from bringing any more pieces into our house!), I decided to channel it into a business, which has evolved into Rock the Heirloom.

Be brave, be bold and, above all, be you...

As a self-confessed antiques disruptor. I want to show you how antiques can be modern, edgy and accessible. I want to make the process of adding lovely one-off antique items into your home an easy and enjoyable experience.

I love mixing old and new items into interior schemes - why wouldn't you put a vintage African JuJu hat on the wall or brighten up a corner of your sitting room with an original pillar-box-red Georgian post box? So what if you have some contemporary - ahem - flatpack foundation pieces? Accessorise them with an original 1950s lamp or add in a colourful reupholstered Victorian nursing chair, and you have yourself an individual and interesting interior.

I'm here to inspire and help, offering a treasure trove of lighting, soft furnishings and antique furniture, both online and from my showroom in Surrey.

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